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Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond

Whether you are pregnant and want to allow your body to move and rest, or are in your post natal journey and want to regain confidence into your body...

Let us guide you through every transformational step.


Pre Natal Yoga

Enjoy some me-time and allow your body to move and rest. From beginner to more advanced practitioner, our experimented teachers will help you release any tensions and build trust and strength into your evolving body. 

We welcome all pregnant women from Week 12 to Week 39 in our Prenatal Yoga.


Pregnancy friendly class

We invite all pregnant women to join our standard class. Our experienced instructors will offer variations on movements and exercises during the class to fully adapt to your needs. (We still recommend that you are familiar with yoga and have practiced before.)

Our team of teachers includes a lot of certified Prenatal Yoga Instructors, please reach out for more information !


Post Natal Yoga

Regain confidence in your body by strengthening your muscles and softening and relaxing your mind. This class will include pelvic floor and abdominals rehabilitation, breathing techniques and so much more.

* Some classes be transformed into "Mums & Bubs" for you to come and play with your newborn


Special classes & workshops

We want to guide you all the way in your journey to motherhood. We will organize occasionally some workshops around birthing, or baby massage, sleep for babies, and so much more !

Weekly Schedule

Our weekly schedule

Our special classes and workhops

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