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Founder & Women Wellness Enthusiast

Coming from an investment banking background, Anna has found in yoga a beautiful way to reconnect.

Passionate about all things women, she teaches yoga with a playful, feminine and nurturing approach. Now, she focuses more and more on empowering women through her classes and workshops with a focus on menstrual health, fertility and pregnancy.  

She founded this space with the goal to gather women of any background and any age and bring more awareness to their own well-being.

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‘Be safe, Have fun and Fly High’ - this is what motivates and inspires me on the hammock and I am fully present to serve my students and inspire the community.


I started with mat yoga until I discovered aerial yoga three years ago. I then fell in love with the hammock and that gradually paved my way to my aerial dance journey.

Throughout my aerial dance practices, I realized that in order to elevate my skills, I need to have a good foundation of strength and body awareness, which is what aerial yoga offers.

As a result, while being an aerial dance performer, I regularly train and stretch on the hammock. It is one of the best ways for me to decompress and relax my body.

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Pre & Post Natal Teacher

Cicillia aspired to share her experiences and knowledge to guide her students to discover their potential. Her pregnancy motivated her to be fully trained as prenatal, postnatal and mindful birth yoga teacher.  Now as a mother, she is also passionate in supporting other women to believe what we are  capable of.

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East Spider, Yoga Instructor 

Elle did not grow up in a traditional “successful “ career path. She was insecure and had very low self-esteem as she found it challenging to fit into the modern society with her personality. 

Yoga opened up her perspective and starting to embrace self-love and self-acceptance. She is thankful for what she has achieved and be able to share her experience and feeling with others. 

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Osteopath, Movement Teacher & Women’s Health Facilitator 

Teaching a variety of souls from all walks of life since 2008, Emma merges her Osteopathic background with her teaching style for a more embodied approach to Movement and Yoga. She aims to educate her clients about their health and how to move with intelligence, kindness and realise their capabilities. 

In her Osteopathic Practice, she has a keen interest healing Yoga injuries and helping pre and post natal mothers navigate the many physiological changes they go through as well as helping their little ones.

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Anatomy Nerd

& Women's Health Enthusiast

Anatomy and Traditional Chinese Medicine form the foundation of Erika’s teaching philosophy. She highly respects the individuality of the human body. By delivering purposeful content, she helps her students develop more intimate connections on both the muscular and energy level with themselves. She is currently completing her second 300hr Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine®️, and specializes in Pain Management and Yoga for Women's Health. 

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 Yoga Instructor specialized in Pre Natal

Coming from a family with two generations of yoga instructors, yoga was not just a workout, it was a lifestyle - part of a daily routine.


Along with a variety of asanas, Himasha will be focusing on alignment, preparatory series, breath work (pranayama) and correct techniques to achieve the best results.


Vinyasa is one of her strongest suits. She believes vinyasa is a magical form of yoga practice as one can modify it as required irrespective of age, gender & medical condition. 


Her holistic approach of yoga gives people the ability to independently practice yoga and build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Jungle Fairy & Yoga Instructor

Janet, certified yoga & singing bowl instructor, and eco-living advocate, began her yoga journey in 2015. Since then, she has taught 400+ classes, events and retreats to help people find their harmony. With a sustainability and environmental management background, she aims at helping you become more consciously aware of your mind and body, and with our Mother Nature. You will leave her class feeling calm, positive, and attuned to the present from her guidance, even if this is your first or early introduction to yoga.

Janet always says: “Yoga is union, it is about bringing awareness to ourselves and to our surroundings and feeling a state of oneness.”

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Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

Milan was born in Hong Kong in an Indian family. Practicing yoga can be described as a turning point in her life. Currently, studying Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine at The California College of Ayurveda. She is also the founder of Milan Ayurveda. She has recently conducted a few yoga-related workshops, including philosophy, meditation and sound bath nidra. 


Living in a hustle and bustle city, like many people in Hong Kong, Milan suffered from anxiety for a period of time. She attempted to overcome her conditions through movement and expression. Fortunately, she encountered yoga which was leading her to sit still and understand herself with love. With considerable progress on her self-healing journey, she completed 200 hours Yoga Teaching Training and 300 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with International Yoga Academy. She believes practicing Yoga can assist more people to overcome emotional hardships and understand more on themselves and so as to the others. One knows how to love oneself, then the one has to know how to love the whole, the Universe. 


She was also teaching English and Mathematics to kids and teenagers for years. She found yoga could be beneficial to teenagers to relieve tension from school works and social life, so that she started teaching yoga in 2018 and gradually included adults.

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Mindfulness Explorer

Born and raised in Taiwan, Rachel moved to Hong Kong in 2011. Her first experience with yoga was during university but found it boring and painful.

After a brief hiatus, she decided to give yoga another shot. This was triggered by suffering from lower back pain for long periods in her younger years of being an avid skier.

She began taking classes with Minnie Cheung, and it was her powerful practice and encouragement that inspired Rachel to embark on her journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

Rachel’s overall teaching philosophy is for students to find their inner peace through pranayama, mindful and spiritual meditation, as well as asana practice, and as a result to experience the same benefits from yoga as she has. She would like her students to grow in their own practice and apply what they have learned from yoga into life.

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Soul Coach, Healer, and yoga & meditation teacher

After excelling in a corporate career, she discovered her life purpose “to be her brightest self and to help others to stand in their light.” Thus, Janith transitioned towards her soul's calling to offer service, devotion, healing, and empowerment to women. 

On the mat, Janith seeks to help people reconnect with their inner-self and activate self-love and gratitude. Join her for a yoga practice that is soulful, reflective, grounding, calming, and empowering.

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Gong bath, Singing Bowl and Yoga practitioner

Tata is a multi talented artist from being a visual artist to le cordon bleu pastry chef. In the UK she studied classical opera for 3 years and attended the London college of fashion.

In Australia, she became a yoga teacher in Byron bay and completed a visual art degree.

As a cancer survivor , she discovered the healing power of sound vibrations.

She went to Nepal to learn singing bowl , had 2 levels of gong bath and completed her Hypnotherapy at All about you. Currently, studying privately under a sound Master and tea master to elevate her sound skills.

Through her sound bath sessions, simple breathing techniques, she helped participants to relax, release and rejuvenate through honesty, integrity and connection.

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Mindfulness Coach & Yoga Instructor

Viv Kan is a Mindfulness Coach & RYT500 Yoga Instructor who elevates people’s potential in their work, personal, and intimate lives by being fully present. She helps busy individuals transform their wellbeing and relationships by exploring the mind, body, breath (and sometimes, Yoni) to cultivate deeper connections with themselves and others. Viv is also a 2021 TEDx speaker, a Sweaty Betty ambassador, the founder of Mindful Intimacy coaching, and director of Kan Elevate corporate wellness.

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Team members 

We loved sharing and collaborating with them and are proud that they have been part of La Lune journey... We wish them all the best for the rest of their wellness career!

Anna L

Lifelong Learner

Yoga has been a part of Anna’s life since moving to Hong Kong 14 years ago. 

For Anna, the practice provides a real sanctuary from daily life and stability throughout changing chapters in her life. Yoga has helped her navigate career changes, a long journey with mental health issues and the transition into motherhood. Whilst her practice and the intention behind her efforts may have changed over the years, her love for sharing Yoga has not.


Anna is qualified to teach Yin Yoga, Pre-and Postnatal, Restorative and Accessible Yoga. When not on the mat or at the studio, Anna can be found teaching Children’s and Teen Yoga in schools and is passionate about introducing yoga in a fun, accessible way to children. 

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Yoga Therapist

Charlotte is an experienced Yoga Therapist who has taught 1000s of hours of both group and private classes both in Hong Kong and overseas. Much loved for her grounded and authentic approach, all of Charlotte’s classes have an emphasis on inclusivity and adaptability. 

Utilising a unique blend of therapeutic yoga, breath-work, somatic movement and embodiment, Charlotte empowers her students to explore an enquiry based practice. The postures act as a springboard for the expression of prana, enabling the practitioner to adapt, vary, change, and evolve over time. 

Specialising in trauma, chronic pain and women’s health - Charlotte seeks to help women find ease within their bodies.

When not teaching yoga Charlotte can be found at her beach side home on Lamma Island, along with her husband, two teenagers and a collection of animals.

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Tantric Energy Healer

Lily is a Teacher of Holistic Transformation and Consciousness Awakening, and a practitioner of Sacred Tantric Science. Her specialization as a Tantric Sexuality & Relationship Therapist, Feminine & Masculine Embodiment Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer and Goddess Ceremony facilitator  helps you recover from deeply embedded traumas, conditioning and subconscious behavioral patterns that hold you back from living as your most Authentic Self at your Highest Potential. 

Lily’s journey in to holistic wellness, self-healing, conscious-living, spiritual awakening and soul evolution was ignited in the midst of her finding mindful and sustainable solutions to her own personal traumas. Now she wants to help others unleash their limitless inner light so that they can live with purpose, joy and abundance and higher love.

Lily has spent the last 10 years on a journey of revolutionary discovery, traveling the world to apprentice under Master and practitioners of Energy Medicine to understand the science of Self-Healing and all energy-based methods of therapy. 

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Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor

Sarah is coach and wellness practitioner, incorporating mindfulness, conscious movement and Reiki into her style of yoga. She creates safe spaces for self-exploration and is passionate about getting others EXCITED about who they are and helping them find their own unique expression through their bodies and their breath.

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