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Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Aerial Yoga, Breathwork, and more...


The classics...

Strong is the new Sexy

A dynamic practice that incorporates lots of movement and aim to build strength while still honoring your body and allowing you to relax and release.

* Some classes are pregnancy friendly.

The Art of Slowing Down

A complete practice dedicated to cultivating the art of slowing down. A wide range of yoga props, as well as breath & relaxation guidance are used to contribute to a deep state of rest.

Aerial Flow

A fun and creative way to develop strength and flexibility using the hammocks. This class will incorporate upside down postures and tricks. All levels welcome.

Yin Yang

The perfect combination between a sweet & slower practice and a dynamic & sweaty practice. Get a mix of our signature "Strong is the New Sexy" and "Embrace the feminine" in one unique class. 

Embrace the feminine

A slow and sensual flow to explore the intimate connexion between your own body and mind. You'll learn to soften into your feminine energy and leave the session feeling fully present, relaxed, and alive. * Some classes are pregnancy friendly. Some class will include Singing Bowl Therapy.

Yoga Therapy

A specialised therapeutic class that utilises a unique combination of somatics, embodied movement, breath and functional yoga postures. Whether you are dealing with injury or illness, stress related symptoms, emotional disorders, going through life transitions or need support with the challenges of the ageing process, yoga therapy enables you to be in charge of your own well-being in a safe & supportive environment.

Aerial Stretch

In this class, you will be able to go into deeper stretches using the hammocks. While "Aerial Flow" concentrates on movement, this class will focus on relaxation and decompression of the spine.

The not so classic ones...

Alchemy Bowl Sound Bath

Sound healing is one of the most effective ways to bring yourself back to a state of homeostasis, balance, and bliss by using frequency waves to directly tune your vibrational states. Come rest, rejuvenate, and find your bliss as you bathe yourself in healing sounds.

Movement & Energy Healing

Using a mixture of yoga and somatic movement, learn to release stress, tension, and emotions stuck in the body, and begin to tune into your body as a compass to guide you back to a state of centeredness, awareness, and presence. Finally, close out the practice in deep relaxation and open to up to receive energy healing to balance out the mental, emotional, and energetic layers of the body.

Meditation & Reiki

Need a reset and boost before heading back to the office ?

Gently open the body up, be guided through a soothing meditation and receive a boost of energy.

Emotional release Breathwork

In this class, we will use holotropic breathwork to facilitate deep and profound emotional release in order to clear stagnant emotional and energetic blockages and return to peace, joy, and bliss.

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